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Hyaluronic fillers


Guided by the constant need for aesthetics, the team of PHI ‘Dr. Vancho’, appart from the services offered in the field of dentistry, offers you services in the field of facial aesthetics, as well.

Hyaluronic fillers are a very popular anti aging tool, which restores the youthful freshness of the lips and face in a natural and safe way. Hyaluron (hyaluronic acid) is a glycosaminoglycan, an element that is already present in the connective tissue of the skin and therefore, immediately after the application, harmonically fits into the tissue.

With hyaluronic fillers, non-surgical completely painless aesthetic correction of the lips, enlargement and contouring of the lips, correction of the asymmetric lips, filling wrinkles in the face region (nasolabial, smoky, puppet), raising (emphasis) of the sheekbones etc., is possible.

Hyaluronic fillers restore the volume, the freshness and the contours of the face.

The age limit is not strictly determined, and therefore, the filers are becoming more and more present in the young population as well.

The procedure itself is very short, the results are immediately visible, and the complications of the procedure are a real rarity.

The effect of applying the filler is reversible and the duration is individual. Initial applications may result in resorption of the filler during the first year (but not in the first six months), and with each subsequent application, the effect may last up to 18 months.

We always care to offer our patients a reliable, quality and safe treatment, so we decided to use the Stylage Fillers, produced by the Vivacy Laboratory in France. It is the only filler in Macedonia enriched with antioxidant (mannitol).