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Restorations (inlays)

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Inlays are the most common type of restoration in the dentistry. Inlays compensate for the part of the tooth that has been destroyed by caries or is lost during a trauma.

Today, the most widely used materials are composites (aesthetic white fillings). A number of different composites differ according to the type and size of the particles they contain. The latest nano-composites, besides being aesthetically satisfying and resembling the natural tееth, have great strength, which means they can withstand the chewing forces.

Another group of modern inlays, glassometer fillings, are increasingly used because of their bio-active nature. These materials chemically bind to the tooth structure, have good physical characteristics and have the ability to act protective to the teeth due to their release of fluoride. Because of this, these inlays have great use in pediatric dentistry, and in all cases where it is necessary to reduce the risk of dental caries.

Very rarely, amalgam (metal) inlays are still currently used, which, although not aesthetic, have the highest firmness and are long lasting.

During your visit, depending on the condition of your teeth and depending on the advantages and disadvantages of the various materials, we will find the most optimal solution for you.