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Endodontics is a branch in dentistry that deals with the treatment of the pulp (nerve) of the tooth. Endodontic treatment is a daily dental procedure aiming to eliminate the damaged nerve and to eliminate the infection from the inside of the tooth, and at the same time to preserve the tooth and to restore it. If there is no possibility for endodontic treatment of the tooth or the endodontic treatment is unsuccessful, tooth extraction (pulling out) is considered.

Phases of tooth treatment:

– tooth X-ray picture;

– access to the nerve (if necessary applying anesthesia) and its removal;

– processing of root canals with appropriate instruments (manual or mechanical);

– application of a deadening mean or a remedy;

– repetition of the processing and application of different medical means on each visit;

– the number of visits is variable depending on the diagnosis and the reaction of the adequate tooth;

– at the end of the treatment, the root canal is filled with a durable solid material and is being restored appropriately.