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Successful dental office with 30 years of experience

The basis of this private health institution dates back a long time ago. The beginnings of this operation are from the distant 1988, when, with modest means and materials, but with great enthusiasm and quality work, the founder began his first steps in the field of dentistry.
Over time, the number of patients has steadily increased, which demonstrates that this is an exceptional dental office that has been in step with time during the transition period.

PHI Polyclinic "Dr. Vancho - Vratnica", with its four organizational units, was established in 2007 with the reorganization of the already existing PHI "Dr. Vancho – Vratnica," which had only one dental office. Today, within the polyclinic there are two dental offices, a general medicine office and a biochemical laboratory.

We present to you our polyclinic

In 2010, as an addition to the existing dental offices, Dr. Vancho expands the activity to a new specialist office in oral surgery PHI "Dr. Vancho" located in Tetovo.

Today, PHI Polyclinic "Dr. Vancho - Vratnica" and PHI "Dr. Vancho", with a total of five organizational units, are modern private health institutions with advanced technology. They are governed by kindness, a warm atmosphere and team spirit. The priority for each of the employees, is the patient.

The quality of the services that are provided along with the quality of the materials that are used, contribute to the constant growth of PHI "Dr. Vancho". At the same time, continuously following dental industry trends and utilizing modern technology ensure the best quality treatment, achieving health, aesthetics, function and above all, the patient's satisfaction.

PHI "Dr. Vancho" is not just a dental office, PHI "Dr. Vancho" is a tradition.

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PHI "Dr. Vancho" is not just a dental office, PHI "Dr. Vancho" is a tradition.

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