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Fixed prosthetic


Crowns are fixed prosthetic restorations that cover the whole tooth surface in order to strengthen the damaged teeth and preserve their functionality or achieve aesthetics. Crowns can also be placed above an implant to provide the teeth shape and function. Porcelain crowns can ideally mimic the color of your natural teeth. The porcelain can be placed over a metal base (metal-ceramic) or with a white base (so-called non-metallic, CAD/CAM products, zirconium, e-max). There are also materials that include metallic alloys and acrylate at a more affordable price, but with less aesthetic possibilities and, therefore, today they are less produced.


Crowns are made when:

– it is often recommended after treatment of the root canals, in order to strengthen the tooth, as after the treatment, the tooth is easily fragile;

– a larger part of the tooth is damaged by decay (caries) or is broken, in order to preserve functionality, and to prevent fractures;

– if you clench your teeth or there are abrasions and a large part of the tooth surface is worn;

– when placing an implant, the crown is placed above the implant carrier;

– for aesthetic purposes.


Bridges are fixed, prosthetic constructions that complement the lost teeth. They consist of two or more crowns for the teeth connecting, creating a bridge for the missing tooth. In case of tooth loss, it is recommended to make a bridge to fill the gap so that the adjacent teeth will not move. Missing teeth could potentially lead to further problems and changes in the bite, and consequently the jaw bone suffers.

In our dental office we produce porcelain bridges with a metal base, with a non-metal base and chromatic bridges (without porcelain).