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Oral surgery


Corticotomy – a procedure for surgically removing the bony roof of an impacted tooth, aiming for faster and easier eruption and placement in the teeth line.


Impaction – a procedure of surgical extraction of a tooth embedded inside the jaw, whose position indicates that there is no possibility of being placed in the teeth line, or in the teeth line there is no space for placement on the given tooth (most often the third molars).


Apicotomy – a surgical resection of the root of the tooth, aiming for removing a chronic process that shows no signs of withdrawal after an appropriately performed conservative treatment.


Cystectomy – a removal of cystic soft tissue formations in the oral cavity.


Frenulectomy – a surgical correction of the annexation of the frenulum to the upper and lower lip to children from orthodontic reasons, or to adults for prosthetic reasons. Also, it is possible to correct a highly annexed frenulum to a tongue that makes the normal functions more difficult (speech, diet).


Gingivectomia / Gingivoplasty – a surgical correction of the gingival form (gum tissue). It is used to remove the diseased gum tissue due to prolonged inflammation of the gingiva (a complement to the conservative treatment) or for correction of the contours of the tissue around the teeth and increase of the length of the teeth (correction of a gummy smile).


Removal of papillomas and fibroids – an excision of soft tissue growths in and around the oral cavity rapidly and painlessly (RF thermocouter).


Levelling – an arrangement of bone exostoses of the alveolar ridge which occur after teeth extraction in different periods as a result of the processes of resorption and bone apposition.


Bone augmentation – an application of artificial bone for people who have a high loss of bone tissue after a loss of tooth and before making prosthetic allowances or placement of implants.


Sinus lift – raising the bottom of the sinus in order to obtain a space for implant placement.