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Oral hygiene


The AirFlow cleaning method is a simple and new way to effectively remove plaque from dental surfaces. The system uses a directional jet of air under pressure, water and bicarbonate particles (powder) that can be flavored.

If you have heavily stained teeth (coffee, tea, black wine, cigarettes), AirFlow is the right choice and for getting a whiter smile, without having to inflate the patient financially.

With the AirFlow professional dentistry system, you get:

  • the most effective removal of pigmentation and dental plaque;
  • maximum comfort;
  • decreased teeth sensitivity;
  • does not damage the tooth substance;
  • available in different flavors;
  • feeling of refreshment after the treatment;
  • short-term treatment.


Removal of dental plaque – is performed with the help of ultrasound vibrations that break the plaque on teeth surfaces, allowing it to be removed. It can be combined with classic polishing with paste, thus removing soft plaques from dental surfaces or using the AirFlow method that thoroughly cleans dental surfaces and inaccessible places.


Treatment of periodontal pockets – to people with periodontopathy, as part of removal of teeth plaque and teeth polish, manual treatment of existing pockets with special instruments for this purpose is performed, in order to remove necrotic tissue, sub-gingival dental plaque, bacteria, food leftovers etc. and to reduce the inflammation, thereby preventing the progression of the disease.